• Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand
  • ختم نبوت فورم پر مہمان کو خوش آمدید ۔ فورم میں پوسٹنگ کے طریقہ کے لیے فورم کے استعمال کا طریقہ ملاحظہ فرمائیں ۔ پھر بھی اگر آپ کو فورم کے استعمال کا طریقہ نہ آئیے تو آپ فورم منتظم اعلیٰ سے رابطہ کریں اور اگر آپ کے پاس سکائیپ کی سہولت میسر ہے تو سکائیپ کال کریں ہماری سکائیپ آئی ڈی یہ ہے urduinملاحظہ فرمائیں ۔ فیس بک پر ہمارے گروپ کو ضرور جوائن کریں قادیانی مناظرہ گروپ
  • Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand
  • Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand
  • ختم نبوت فورم پر مہمان کو خوش آمدید ۔ فورم میں پوسٹنگ کے لیے آپ کو اردو کی بورڈ کی ضرورت ہوگی کیونکہ اپ گریڈنگ کے بعد بعض ناگزیر وجوہات کی بنا پر اردو پیڈ کر معطل کر دیا گیا ہے۔ اس لیے آپ پاک اردو انسٹالر کو ڈاؤن لوڈ کر کے اپنے سسٹم پر انسٹال کر لیں پاک اردو انسٹالر

Leaked Audio Call of Nida ul Nasser and Naseer Shah Former MTA Chairman English Transcript

ضیاء رسول امینی

منتظم اعلیٰ
رکن عملہ
رکن ختم نبوت فورم
پراجیکٹ ممبر
Naseer Ahmad Shah: And it’s 10:30 pm. In fifteen minutes….(Naseer Shah moaning).

Nida: Are you making me a fool (cheating on me)?

Naseer Shah: Nida!!!!

Nida: What (is it)?

Naseer Shah: Come on, give me a hug!

Nida: You have become old.

Naseer Shah: what?

Nida: you have become old. That’s why you keep groaning.

Naseer Shah: (laughing and moaning again to tease and to flirt with Nida).

Nida: No! (While laughing) I am not feeling myself affectionate towards you at all right now.

Naseer Shah: (Moaned again to seduce Nida).

Nida: No No No! My heart is not melting for you.

Naseer Shah: Why, is it because you are now aware of “that issue”?

Nida: I…I am feeling disgust!

Naseer Shah: On which thing are you feeling the disgust ? Are you feeling disgust on your mother?

Nida: I am feeling disgust for my mother.

(Nida and Naseer Shah, both laughing)

Nida: She is not of your type!

Naseer Shah: What?

Nida: How can you have it (with her)? What is it? What is your standard!

Naseer Shah: what standard! Is your mother a bad standard?

Nida: As far as cleanliness is concerned, 100 percent!

Naseer Shah: As far as what is concerned?

Nida: Cleanliness!

Naseer Shah: Is she dirty?

Nida: I am shaken perhaps after staying with her in her room (because of her persona hygiene). Now I feel myself filthy as well (because of downwind time with her and looking at her poor hygiene habits).

Naseer Shah: She has become (filthy) now. She was not like that. Perhaps she doesn’t care about it now. She was extremely exposit about everything.

Nida: Ahan!

Naseer Shah: she was…

Nida: (I am) having medicine…How many times…?

Naseer Shah: What how many times!

Nida: with her?

Naseer Shah: How many times have I committed (an intercourse) with her?

Nida: Yes! what else (am I asking you that) for how many have you danced with her!

Naseer Shah (cunningly) : It is like having a dance with some one, what else is it alike!

Nida (laughing) : No, for many times you did it?

Naseer Shah: Look, I have not ever accounted it for. Alright!

Nida (stunningly) : Then how can you (have an illicit relationship) with me? Have not you bothered that I am her daughter!

Naseer Shah: Has she actually said anything or you are having it (as your assertion)?

Nida: No, she is not saying anything. She doesn’t want me to talk to you.

Naseer shah: She doesn’t want what?

Nida: she, she is having an intuition that there is some thing (between Nida and Naseer shah) or something will happen…something will happen…

Naseer shah: Oh yes, yes…

Nida: in-fact, it’s not that there is something (in between both of us). Some thing “will” happen…. Something “will” happen. I have said it wrong…

Naseer shah: Oh yes yes, that is fine…

Nida: I am correcting it, that something will happen (between Nida and Naseer Shah).

Naseer shah: (Sighed)

Nida: So are not you feeling awkward?

Naseer shah: (sighing) I am feeling awkward, what should I do now! I am feeling so awkward.

Nida: So, you you did this to me!

Naseer shah: I…I did it?

Nida: No, why you made love with me?

Naseer shah: By God, you teas me a lot!

Nida: Did you loved mom? Love! Love, the way you claim you love me. Love, one loves with creation of Allah and one should love…

Naseer shah: Yes, I love with every human being.

Nida: Yes, Alright! But the claim (of love) which you….

Naseer shah (lustfully) : specially with the beautiful ladies…

Nida: What?

Naseer shah: Nothing, nothing!

Nida (with anger) : I am going to disconnect the phone and I will not be talking with you ever again.

Naseer shah (getting amused): What are you doing Nida!

Nida: No, No, test me!

Naseer shah: One minute! Let me drink some water. (Naseer Shah Sighing). Oh Thank God! I am back to my senses! Ok! listen!

Nida: No, I won’t let the phone call to be hung.

Naseer shah: When I have said (to disconnect the phone).

Nida: I think you have fooled me!

Naseer shah: No, I have not fooled you. I have not fooled you in any way. What have I done!

Nida: Ok! You have not done anything, you have not done anything! I have done this all.

Naseer shah: You did not need to know about Faiza (Faiza is Nida’s mother).

Nida: But you have emotionally molested me.

Naseer shah: No, not really! No, I don’t think so….No, towards….may be in the very beginning, there was a feeling of obviously that she is Khalifa Rabeh (Mirza Tahir Ahmad)’s daughter…that kind of feeling…

Nida: Yes! Then the rubbish, which you wrote to me that I can’t hold up my head higher in front of Khalifa Rabeh, you have turned away from that.

Naseer shah: (Laughing loudly)

Nida: You are such a lier. I swear to God!
Even was that dream also a lie?

Naseer shah: which one? Oh No No!

Nida: The one which you saw with Abba (Mirza Tahir Ahmad) in it.

Naseer shah: No No, that one was not a lie. I am saying that she needed help that time. ok!

Nida: Sexual help?

Naseer shah: What?

Nida: Sexual help!

Naseer shah: Well, that developed into sexual help but she needed emotional help and she needed….

Nida: Then, that’s what you did to me. Tomorrow, you will say that yeah there was a Nida as well in the past at some time…

Naseer shah: Alright! Can we not talk about this topic for a minute?

Nida: Ahan…

Naseer shah: I was about to regarding the social media…that I have….look….

Nida: Ok!

Naseer shah: I have got some body to (be) paid and ready for it. Actually, he is a social media geek. Ok! He is in America and…he has a network there and he is extremely 100 percent confidential, (which) means , in terms of confidentiality, just consider that he is me by myself….

Nida: But I don’t trust you anymore.

Naseer shah: Alright! Keep quit! In terms of confidentiality and in-terms of sincerity to the cause. Right!

Nida: Does he know what happened to me?

Naseer shah: Yes!

Nida: What does he say?

Naseer shah: Well, obviously he is extremely upset. He is extremely disillusioned with the whole thing…with the system and with….specially with the family of third Khalifa (Mirza Nasir, the paternal grandfather of Nida). I mean he had…He knew a lot about the family because he is from….

Nida: Is he the man of the same age as you are?

Naseer shah: No, he is a lot younger than me. A lot younger in the sense, I mean he is in 50’s.

Nida: It means he is of the same age as of Mehmood Shah (One of the rapists of Nida).

Naseer shah: I don’t know of whose age. Anyways, he is 50’s. Ok! With him…

Nida: I have become very sad now.

Naseer shah (lustfully): Alright…!

Nida: Now I will cry and sleep.

Naseer shah: I will smack you, listen to me.

Nida: No, you just promised me yesterday in the morning, that you will not hurt me.

Naseer shah: How have I hurt you? You have hurt yourself wilfully.

Nida: No, No! Because I think, after ten years, Naseer Shah will be saying that I did (an intercourse) with the grand daughter of Khalifa 4 as well.

Naseer shah: I have not hurt you. Your mother have hurt you.

Nida: I have tested you for this. You will never ever take the responsibility of anything. Have you ever took the responsibility on anything on yourself

Naseer shah: Yes, I take my responsibility on every concerned matter.

Nida: I am saying this, I think, the feelings which you have for me, you don’t possess them for anyone.

Naseer shah: Darling, the matter which I was discussing, you interrupted me in the half of it.

Nida: No, I don’t want to listen. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to do anything at all.

Naseer shah: That is very important honey. That guy needs to get in touch with you.

Nida: No, I am not talking to him!

Naseer Shah: Ok! Right!

Nida: Who is this guy! You guys are (perhaps) trapping me so that I should get defamed tomorrow.

Naseer Shah: God forbid darling, is this the level of trust which you have on me?

Nida: This is the level (of trust) now.

Naseer Shah: Since when?

Nida: Right now, in this very instance.

Naseer Shah: What has happened in this very instance!

Nida: I…No…Then I will start to cry and you will say she is creating a drama.

Naseer Shah: No, stop! please listen to me! Things which have gone in the past are…

Nida: Then I can also become a part of the past. I don’t want it to be.

Naseer Shah: Look this…

Nida: I don’t have any space for it.

Naseer Shah: Look, you knew that I had relationships with various people. Ok! You knew that!

Nida: That, I don’t care about.

Naseer Shah: Absolutely!

Nida: That matters zero to me. To hell with them.

Naseer Shah: Right! So this (my relationship with your mother) was just one of them.

Nida: No No, but, if you go 5 years forward, the new girl friend, which you would have at that time, you will say I was deeply in love with her (with Nida) initially but now I don’t think so I loved her.

Naseer Shah: (coughing)

Nida: This will be the end of Nida.

Naseer Shah: I am starting to have pain in my nerves.

Nida: will not this be the conclusion of Nida?

Naseer Shah: No No, this will not be Nida’s end. Oh God! Look dear….

Nida: I will break your nerves now.

Naseer Shah: I can’t do anything else now. Ok!

Nida: Now I….it’s not…No…I don’t care about bloody, the physical side of the things. I have always said this to you. You can have relationships with whoever you want. I don’t care! I care about our emotional commitment to each other.

Naseer Shah: (Silent)

Nida: Hello!!

Naseer Shah: Yes! Yes! Yes! I am listening.

Nida: So, was that a lie?

Naseer Shah: Ok, that…

Nida: No No! Today, you will have to bear all my brunt’s today, like Doctor Zaheer used to have them.

Naseer Shah: I am not him.

Nida (laughing) : No, I will make you (Doctor Zaheer) today.

Naseer Shah: No.

Nida: No, I am afraid that after 5 years, I too will be standing on the same very place where…

Naseer Shah: Dear, after 5 years, I don’t know if I will be alive or not. I am an old man. Ok.

Nida: You are 61 and you are still having erections. You are not that old.

(Both laughing profoundly)

Nida: you are having erections, you are not old. So, the thing is, I want to have that feeling….

Naseer Shah: You are so notorious. Yes I am listening.

Nida: That, I am your true love. If I am not, say it straight away. That arrow, that dagger, pierce my heart with it once and for all.

Naseer Shah: Oh Gosh…

Nida: Hmmm?

Naseer Shah: these dialogues of you are a killer. I don’t know from where have you learned all these things.

Nida: I am like a slave to you, like an idiot…The way I have expressed my love for you, No one have expressed it like this way. The way I articulate my love for you…

Naseer Shah: Yeah, I know!

Nida: yes, then what am I getting in exchange of it?

Naseer Shah: Don’t bring this issue of your mother between us.

Nida: What?

Naseer Shah: Don’t bring that thing (between us). That’s it! and secondly….

Nida: Are you with me till the end? Till your end or my end?

Naseer Shah (repeating her words): To my end or your end…

Nida: Do you love me?

Naseer Shah: I will always take care of you.

Nida: No, I didn’t ask about being taken care of. I said do you love me?

Naseer Shah: That is…

Nida: Why are you silent?

Naseer Shah: No, I am not staying silent…I….What I wanted to discuss was almost….you have dispersed my thoughts. All I see….

Nida: No, I can not discuss that until we close this matter….

Naseer Shah: Oh my God Nida! I swear, How do you behave!

Nida: and that matter is about to get closed….let me close it once…

Naseer Shah: Can we…Can we….Listen!
I really want to discuss this thing with you tonight, about this social media…

Nida: Then discuss it. I am disturbed right now….

Naseer Shah: You are not disturbed at all.

Nida: Do it! What should I do! I kept listening while disturbed.

Naseer Shah: Listen! Can you get in….Can you….Can this guy….

Nida: Who is he?

Naseer Shah: He is an Ahmadi. He is a very sincere guy. He is very sincere to the cause we have…He is extremely….

Nida: What’s our cause? What’s the cause? First tell me, what’s the mission?

Naseer Shah: To get the justice…
Nida: because, probably your cause and my cause would be different.

Naseer Shah: No, your cause…my cause is formed on the basis of your cause. I had no cause before it.

Nida: My cause is to wipe out the corruption of the Jam’mat.

Naseer Shah: Exactly!

Nida: That’s it!

Naseer Shah: By God! This is it!

Nida: I am not an enemy of Hazoor (Mirza Masroor Ahmed) or of Jamaat.

Naseer Shah: Then am I am enemy of Jamat?

Nida: No!

Naseer Shah: Do you think?

Nida: Nooo!!!

Naseer Shah: Then, don’t prove my cause wrong.

Nida: (giggling)

Naseer Shah: Then don’t…Then don’t prove my cause wrong. This is exactly what we want…we want…. I want to make sure….

Nida: What does he want to speak about with me? Then add him in this conversation. I will speak in your presence.

Naseer Shah: I don’t know if he would be available or not…

Nida: Isn’t he in America?

Naseer Shah: Yes, he is in America.

Nida: They are 5 hours behind then us. Add him up.

Naseer Shah: I can’t add him instantly.

Nida: I will speak in your presence. Not alone, this is my condition!

Naseer Shah: Alright, let me…let me talk to him first…but he…he just wanted to make sure that…he wanted to just…I don’t know…he has these questions or whatever…

Nida: And what questions? Such as?

Naseer Shah: I don’t even know that…I don’t even know that…I don’t know…he…but he…I mean the thing is that he knows exactly what to do about these things and…and INSHA’ ALLAH we will do that…

Nida: Does he know that I have approached to the police?

Naseer Shah: Yes!

Nida: Does he know about uncle Mubashar?

Naseer Shah: Yes!

Nida: Does he know about Mehmood Shah?

Naseer Shah: Yes!

Nida: Does he know about all the behaviour of Hazrat Sahab?

Naseer Shah: No, that’s where he got crazy about it, that these people have been taking advantage of you and specially Mehmood Shah, because he knows a lot about…

Nida: Why haven’t you told him about Hazrat Sahab (Mirza Masroor)? It’s very strange!

Naseer Shah: What have I not told? What have not I told? I told him about Hazrat Sahab that you have already informed Hazoor and Hazoor…

Nida: Have not you told about the responses of Hazrat Sahab, stance of today?

Naseer Shah: Hazoor, particularly, when it came to Mehmood Shah, Hazoor blocked, Hazoor stopped absolutely.

Nida: Yes, this is what have has happened basically.

Naseer Shah: That was…That’s the turning point.

Nida: So, what was the reaction (of that person)?

Naseer Shah: That’s where he…he lost his stop and he was extremely upset that can a Caliph be unjust in such a manner.

Nida: Let him listen to my recording. Send him.

Naseer Shah: I….Because I didn’t want to do that without your permission…I…

Nida: Yes, then send him. If your trust him and I trust you.

Naseer Shah: I trust him….I….I…look, it is exactly like this… I swear to God…to him…..I…I am telling you one more thing….

Nida: hmm?

Naseer Shah: You know, when I had that matter of MTA!

Nida: Yes, Yes!

Naseer Shah: He was the only, only and only one I confided in terms of that he was the only one who actually, practically on social media, fought my case for me.

Nida: So, what is his name? (The name of) this angel!

Naseer Shah: Look, let me tell you, his credibility, which I am going to give you…I swear to God…I swear to God that he was the only one who fought for me on social media.

Nida: Alright!

Naseer Shah: Yes! His name is Tahir Butt.

Nida: isn’t he Tahir Bhatti?

Naseer Shah: Tahir Butt!!!

Nida: Who is this Tahir Butt!

Naseer Shah: How would I know, you would have known it!

Nida: It sounds familiar…

Naseer Shah: Well, he is….he is on social media….he is….but he is not….I mean…he is not like that….Actually…he is…he was…

Nida: Isn’t he Tahir Bhatti? Isn’t he Tahir Bhatti!

Naseer Shah: No, No, He is not Tahir Bhatti. He is a complete butt (a freak), in looks as well as in his actions…in his feeding habits as well.

Nida: I don’t know what is this…Anyway!

(Both Laughing)

Naseer Shah: So he…he was…he was actually an Ex Murabi…

Nida: Alright! Is he from America?

Naseer Shah: He did…He did lifetime…

Nida: Alright! Does he know about uncle Foori (Brother of Mirza Masroor)?

Naseer Shah: No!

Nida: I want to tell him as well (about flirt advancements of Foori towards Nida).

Naseer Shah: So, Yes! You should tell him…he…

Nida: Yes! When no one is considering politeness for me, I too will also not give any regard to anyone.

Naseer Shah: You was just saying that you don’t want to do anything….you don’t want to do this….

Nida: No…Right now, I (will go) back to that topic…one minute…let me put a pin on this…can we finish with my…with my….

Naseer Shah: No, you was saying that you….you want to save Jam’mat….or May be to save Hazoor, which is right…

Nida: Yes!

Naseer Shah: Which he wants to do as well actually. he has said this to me, for God’s sake ask her (Nida)…

Nida: Then please get me in contact right now.

Naseer Shah: He was saying for God’s sake, ask her atleast as far as the matter of the name of Hazoor is concerned….in this one…Hazoor should not be implicated in this.

Nida: So, had you told him about my view, my opinion?

Naseer Shah: Yes and I told him about myself as well that we both…

Nida: No, had you said that she is greatly concerned about Hazrat Sahab?

Naseer Shah: Yes, exactly dear….why…

Nida: How would I know!

Naseer Shah: If you would have been here at this moment with me….

Nida: I am the most stupid person who is fallen in love with you.

Naseer Shah: Isn’t it? Really! By God! If you would have been with me right now….

Nida: No, I would have been sitting ten feet away from you.

Naseer Shah: No Your highness! (Lustfully) I would have given all of myself inside you by now.

Nida: Do you love me?

Naseer Shah: Yes.

Nida: Have you….have you ever said I love you to my mother?

(Both laughing)

Nida: You had said it!

Naseer Shah: No dear!

Nida: Have a swear of God, then I will close the matter.

Naseer Shah: Alright, let me tell you something. She was totally different then you. Do you know why?

Nida: hmmm???

Naseer Shah: She never insisted that tell me this, tell me that, say this to me, say that to me…

Nida: My mother had not been raped by hands of her own father for 36 years. There is a difference, there is a big difference. My mother was born in the house of very great parents.

Naseer Shah: (sighs)

Nida: Yes! You never give me a margin. Alright! I am so worse and you all are so pious.

Naseer Shah: See, now you have started to form stories by yourself.

Nida: At least seldom, give me margin of my circumstances.

Naseer Shah: Yes, in this…You see, I am telling you about a habit (of your mother) and now you are bringing your own circumstances in it and in everything.

Nida: Yes, then it’s better to go back and fall in her steps.

Naseer Shah: (Vocally teasing and flirting Nida)

Nida: What is it…

Naseer Shah: (laughing)

Nida: You loved her but you don’t love me.

Naseer Shah: No dear.

Nida: Yes, you don’t love me, I have concluded it.

Naseer Shah: Where is it written!

Nida: You don’t!

Naseer Shah: Where is it mentioned!

Nida: Then read it, the tragic message which I have wrote.

Naseer Shah: Oh, I thought you are making some notes for yourself.

Nida: Noooo….

Naseer Shah: Probably, you would get them published someday.

Nida: Don’t you trust me?

Naseer Shah: No, I do trust you anyways, I do trust you, I do trust you. I don’t think you will ever harm me. I don’t think you will ever harm me.

Nida: Have you ever said I love you to my mother?

Naseer Shah: hmmm??

Nida: Have you ever said?

Naseer Shah: I said, I don’t think you will ever harm me.

Nida: No…why would I harm you or why would I harm any one.

Naseer Shah: No, in that sense, you are exposing the rest of them (the culprits) as well.

Nida: They are totally different. Are you my father? Are you uncle Mubashar? Are you Mehmood Shah? (All alleged rapists of Nida ul Nassar).
And Hazrat Sahab involved himself in this.

Naseer Shah: hmmm…

Nida: I wanted to fully save Hazrat Sahab. I know this and my God knows, that how (much) I used to cry in the prayers.

Naseer Shah: No, Hazrat Sahab will not be involved dear. I am telling you that Hazrat Sahab will not be involved. The person who have said this “aiding and abetting” to you, he is so mentally restarted, so regarded that he done even know the basics of law. So keep away from him. I am telling you. “Aiding and abetting” can not be in historic crimes. The crimes which have already been committed years ago that can not be….

Nida: Yes, but he (Mirza Masroor) is protecting the culprits.

Naseer Shah: He only know how to say “Aiding and abetting”. He doesn’t know the meaning of “Adding and abetting” that in legal…

Nida: Alright! I am obviously believing you, what so ever you are telling me, but I will not speak with that person if you are stoping me from it. I won’t talk.

Naseer Shah: No, my love, I am not asking you not to speak. I am asking you not to take counselling from such an immature.

Nida: Ok, Alright!

Naseer Shah: That’s what I mean….now this person know….from this single things from him, it is concluded that the guy is a quack (an immature counsellor in the matter)…..

Nida: Ok, I…I want to finish this topic of my mother, once and for all.

Naseer Shah: But Hazoor would not have any implications, as long as you tell the police woman….and write to her that please….

Nida: I have already wrote it. Let me tell you what I have wrote to them exactly, I wrote them…

Naseer Shah: Excellent…..you are a good girl by the way…

Nida: Han???

Naseer Shah: You are a good chick by the way…

Nida: Me?

Naseer Shah: Yes!

Nida: No…a girl…

Naseer Shah: You are sexy as well but you are good as well.

Nida: No….tell me if you have ever expressed your love with my mother?

Naseer Shah: No!

Nida: Had you felt (your love for her) from within?

Naseer Shah: Dear…for God sake…listen, I swear by God, she never ever wanted to…because she is…she is totally a different…she was…I don’t know what she is like (now), She is changed now. She is changed totally…she was a totally different person. Ok!

Nida: hmmm…

Naseer Shah: She was very proud….very…she…her self respect, self ego…everything. She had it a lot. Ok!

Nida: But not anymore!

Naseer Shah: Exactly, I know that! She is broken. She is a broken person. Totally shattered person! So you should, you should really not be putting her down. You should be…

Nida: Hell no! No! This is…I will end my relationship with you if you committed any injustice.

Naseer Shah: Which injustice have I done?

Nida: Yes, it’s not like that, just because she give birth to me, she gets to treat me like a dog. No!

Naseer Shah: No, that is…I don’t know if she treats you like a dog. I am not speaking on it….

Nida: No, No! Just because my parents give life to me…

Naseer Shah: But I am just saying that she never asked me that tell me this, say this to me, say that to me. I did not had any need to say. Right!

Nida: No, there is a thing that there was no need to tell and another thing is to feel it but don’t say it.

Naseer Shah: Not even bed, Not even in bed.

Nida: And (you) never even felt it. It was just physical (relation)?

Naseer Shah: hmmm…

Nida: And what are you (and your relation) with me?

Naseer Shah: With you….obviously there is a lot more in terms of that…you are, you are a different person.

Nida: In fact you feel pity on me…that she is…that she is deprived of love in her life.

Naseer Shah: Dear, I am not that much kind hearted person, as much as you are considering me. I am a very cruel person.

Nida: What?

Naseer Shah: Nothing (with a laugh)!

Nida: What? I am asking you do you consider that this girl is deprived of love during her life, so I should give love to her.

Naseer Shah: No, love is not given if someone is deprived of love in the life, that’s not why someone should be loved.

Nida: In the heart, like in my heart, love grows for you. It naturally grows for you, it doesn’t have a reason or explanation.

Naseer Shah: Alright listen! I am trying to go to the bathroom.

Nida: No!

Naseer Shah: I have just woke up after a sleep. Can I…go? I have a warm…I am feeling dizzy.

Nida: You can’t go!

Naseer Shah: umhum.

(Both laughing)

Naseer Shah: (Moaning)

Nida: No, I won’t let you go today. no!

Naseer Shah: Like this…don’t talk to me like this, it turns me on!

Nida: No, I won’t let you go!

Naseer Shah: umhum…What will you do (moaning)?

Nida: I am saying only your name is written on my heart.

Naseer Shah: Oh….You dear….you say that you don’t know Urdu, but your poetry is…

Nida: But I can speak it.

Naseer Shah: Your poetry is unmatched and mind blowing.

Nida: Yes, but you will not call me back. You will pop into bed and go to sleep.

Naseer Shah: No, No! I will call you back.

Nida: Ok, Alright! I am waiting.

Naseer Shah: Alright!

Nida: (Vocally smooch and kiss)

The End​